Every application is started with a dedicated configuration file where the application specific variables are defined. The configs can be access from aalam_common.config.cfg object.

Any configuration item can be accessed like


Items in DEFAULT section can be accessed like


Configuration items

DEFAULT section

The following items can be access like cfg.CONF.<item-name>

  • hostname
The hostname in which this application is running.
  • bizcode
The code of this portal.
  • app_provider_code
The provider code of this application.
  • app_code
The app code of this application.
  • datadir
The path of the directory where this application can use to write data that it wants to persist across reboots.
  • admin_user
Email id of the owner of this portal.
  • entry_point
Entry point defined by this application in its PKG-INFO
  • permissions_map
Path to the permissions map containing the application’s permissions defined in it’s PKG-INFO
  • messages_map
Path to the messages map containing the application’s message settings defined in it’s PKG-INFO
  • hooks_map
Path to the hooks map containing the application’s hook points, defined in it’s PKG-INFO
  • settings_map
Path to the settings map containing the application’s settings items, defined in it’s PKG-INFO
  • statics_url
The statics url of the application as defined in it’s PKG-INFO
  • statics_path
The path at which the static resource of the application is installed
  • package_dir
Application execution root path. Any resources that are installed by the application can be accessed relative to this path.
  • privkey
Path to the RSA private key used while communicating with other internal applications.
  • pubkey
Path to the public key of this application.

auth section

Items in this section can be accessed like cfg.CONF.auth.<item-name>

  • central_pubkey
The central server’s public key, used to verify the signature of the request from aalam central server.
  • apps_server_pubkey
Apps server’s public key, used to verify the signature of the requests from aalam apps server
  • userkeys_path
The path to public keys of the users. This will be used to verify the signature of any user requests.

redis section

URL config item in this section can be accessed like cfg.CONF.redis.url

  • url
Url to the redis server. This will be of the format unix://:password@/abosulte/path/to/redis/socket.sock

sqlalchemy section

URL config item in this section can be accessed liek cfg.CONF.sqlalchemy.url

  • url
Url to the MYSQL server. This will be of the format mysql://user:password@hostname:port/db_name