This page defines the set of common terms that you would come across while submitting an app.

Apps Server

Apps server is the Aalam’s application server which manages the developer’s operations. The apps server is hosted under the name

Accounts Server

The accounts server is responsible in registering registering and maintaining user’s server information. It does a single sign-on for all the portals and the app server.

App Provider

App Provider refers to an individual or a team or a company that creates the application. Any authenticated user can register a provider account with The user who creates the provider account is the owner.

The owner of a provider account can authorise other users to submit applications on behalf of their provider account.

Provider code

Any application running inside a server is identified using its provider code and its app code.

Provider code is a short code name which is permanent and unique for every provider account. Provider code should contain only alpha numeric characters and the special character hyphen -, however it should not start with a hyphen.

App code

App code is a short code name which is permanent and unique for every application wihin a provider account. The app code along with the provider code is used to uniquely identify any application. It has the same restrictions in naming as that of the provider code.

App metadata

Metadata refers to the content that will be used to describe an application to users. The metadata for any app can be created by the app developer using app server’s user interfaces.

App metadata field

App metadata field is a section of html text identified by a name.

For example, an app metadata can have fields such as Description and a html value describing about the application.

Developers can create as many fields as they want for an application and are independent to choose the names of the fields.

App metadata resource

App metadata resource refers to non-textual contents used to describe about an application. These include images, videos, etc.

The metadata fields can make use of the resource using the following URL


resource is the name of the resource i.e file name along with its extension used while uploading.

For example if there is an image how-to-use-this-app.png uploaded for an app with code base for the provider with code aalam, you could include that in the metadata fields like

<img src="/provider/aalam/app/base/how-to-use-this-app.png" />