Submit a python app

Let us see in detail on the files required and the procedure to submit a python application to Aalam’s apps server.

File format

To submit an application to Aalam’s apps server, you need to upload the TAR archive file that has been compressed using Gnu Zip (gzip) software.

Such files usually have the extension .tar/.gz/.tgz.

Archive contents

Setup script

At the top level a setup script identified with the name should be present. The should contain all the necessary information about the packages and data_files. All the directories and files mentioned as packages and data_files should be present in the archive.

The setup script should also describe about the external requirements in the install_requires argument. Do not forget to add aalam_common module in install_requires

Package information

Package information should be present in the file PKG-INFO at the top level.

PKG-INFO will have contents that are used by the framework. Items such as the application entry point, static url prefix, etc are understood by the framework through the help of PKG-INFO.

More information about PKG-INFO file’s format can be found here.

Other files

The above two are mandatory static files. The other files or directory depends on the usage in the setup script. The setup script doesn’t need to consider PKG-INFO file for installation. PKG-INFO is independent of the setup script and it’s contents.(relevance??)